Sunday, January 8, 2017

Finish Along 2017! Q1

Nice button Leann!
I am sew thankful to the hosts and sponsors of the 2017 Finish Along! I was thrilled to win a prize from Mariners Compass Quilts for FAL 2016 Q3, with only one finished entry!
I had a dismal showing for Q4...ZERO finishes from my list!
I am ready to rumble this year, and especially this quarter!

1. Nash's Irish Chain
The quilting is in-progress! That bodes well!

2. Ben's Peaks and Paddocks
Top is finished. Backing is purchased and in hand. A finish sounds good in theory!

3. Seeing Stars
Same as #2 above. 

4. Doe/Carkai HST
Top is finished. And I really love this one, which is highly motivating!

5.  No Name Big Block
I have cut most of the fabrics for a fun new design in my outside entry, but if I didn't think there was any chance of finishing this, I wouldn't put it on the list! Fingers crossed!

6. Baby quilt for Wee Shelley
Due the end of March, my niece's second child will have a quilt from Aunt Sarah to welcome him or her! Of course! Thinking I may use this pattern, which I saw on Debbie/A Quilters Table blog. If not this, something else, but a baby quilt for sure...
Egads!!!  I just came across this Medallion would be perfect for a baby quilt as is, maybe? Yes or no??? 

7.  Southwest Wedding Quilt
Another much loved niece is getting married 1 April....sooooo, if it isn't finished this quarter, I'm in trouble! I have a design made, and will use an assortment of Me + You Indah batiks! 
I am very excited about this out of my usual! It has a name, but both it and the design are kinda a surprise. You will have to trust me on this one!
8. The Meadow Mist Mystery Quilt!
I think the design is revealed in February, so there is a pretty good chance of finishing this one too!

9. Rainbow Heart Trio, pattern by Twiggy and Opal
I know these will be perfect to fill in spaces between the larger projects...and they are irresistible!
This may end up being 2 or 3, 9, 10, and +/- 11!

Whew! This is my longest list ever!!! Wish me luck! I am off to oil my machine!

Make'er Hum!


Sarah said...

All to keep you busy! You have great colours in all of your quilts.

Mad Cat Quilts said...

I really love that little medallion quilt and it would be a great baby quilt!

Lisa J. said...

I love all these projects and I'm wishing you luck!

Jayne said...

You have been busy and it appears you will be busy for a long, long time! I wish I could say I have something in the works or the wall or the closet, but I haven't bee quite as productive as you!

Cathy said...

So many great projects! Good luck with your finishes.

Melanie said...

There are some really lovely projects on there. I think my favorites are doe/ carkai and the stars :) So I wish you all the best motivation and fun to finish some or even all of those.

Erin Quinn said...

You are going to be busy! Get that machine humming, my friend :-)
E xx

Archie the wonder dog said...

Good luck!!

BengalPup said...

Looking beautiful. I think that medallion would make a great baby quilt! (FYI, this one was not numbered... so you have one more possible finish than numbers.)


Sewmotion said...

What a list of beautiful projects! Good luck :)

Rachaeldaisy said...

That is quite a list! Have fun finishing all of these wonderful projects!