Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Unofficial Q4 Finish Along List

I can't believe I missed it!
To comfort myself, and to pretend that I get to play this quarter,
I am making an unofficial Q4 Finish Along List. 
Because after all these Qs, I can't not think in FAL terms, lol!

 1.  Ben's Quilt
I finished his brother's quilt this year, and this must needs be finished by the end of this year, too!
Even Steven, right?
Peaks and Paddocks, from Moda Bake Shop
2. Seeing Stars
If I am really going to give this to my sister, as has been my plan for several...several, months now,
I need to finish it! I have had the backing and batting for...several months also.

3. Spring Break
A cute little quilt top I designed with the Hubs.
This will also become my second PDF quilt pattern!  WooHoo!

4. Friedlander HST Quilt
I recently acquired the needed yardage for the backing, via #thegreatfabricdestash on Instagram! 
Y'all, that "tag" or whatever you call it, is amazing! You just never know what irresistible deal is going to pop up next!  I was able to get the Doe backing for $5.49/yd!
And I love the selvedge!

That is all for this quarter! I like to keep my lists to what I can actually foresee finishing! And while most of these have been on lists in the past, I think this is their quarter!
Let's make it sew!!!!

And YaY! for getting to link up with Lorna today at Sew Fresh Quilts/Let's Bee Social!
While socializing at Lorna's, I came across a most appropriate WIP linky party at Silly Mama Quilts, too! Check it out!


Home Sewn By Us said...

Hi Sarah,
I love that Peaks and Paddocks quilt - the fabrics are fab. I'm going to check that out! Thanks for the Instagram hashtag for fabrics - I'll check that out too. I think all your projects are doable, even with the holidays, etc. I'm cheering for you. ~smile~ Roseanne

Brooke said...

lovely quilts!

thanks so much for linking up!

Miss Alissa said...

Ohh, that Seeing Stars quilting is Finish! Way to make manageable goals!

Miss Alissa said...

Oh wow, that autocorrect. I meant the seeing Stars quilt is fun!

Miss Alissa said...

Oh wow, that autocorrect. I meant the seeing Stars quilt is fun!