Friday, December 29, 2017

A Final Big Finish for 2017!

Peaks and Paddocks, for my eldest!
It has languished on several Finish Along lists.
And those are just from this year!
It is quilted simply, in a diagonal grid of about 3", which was dictated by the size of the block units.
It measures "59x84"
And the whites are not all the same...that is is Boy approved!
This quilt pattern is fun in that it is a simple Shoo-Fly block except one corner triangle has been turned the "wrong" way, resulting in the fun new overall design! It is a Moda Bake Shop recipe, the link is in the name on the first line of this post!
I was lucky to come across the perfect fabric for the backing while I was back in Indiana last year! 
A cowboys fabric, reminiscent of what I had used in his last quilt.
I still had enough scraps from that to put a few pieces in this one!
So pleased to have this one finished and on my son's bed!

I might have called this post
"2 Quilts for 2 Brothers"
The blue and white Irish Chain was my first finish of 2017!
 The red and white was my last!
 I am just glad I was able to finish them in the same year!
"Even steven", you know!
 The boys were most cheerful quilt holders on a snowy, snowy morning!
                                                They are happy to have their quilts!                                                     
 I thought it might be fun to take a quick look back at the other quilts I have made for these guys!
These are their "baby" quilts:
For the elder, 56"x56"
 For the younger, 54"x54"
These were both made before the turn of the century!
(I have not ever said THAT before!)

I think my love of triangles was apparent even back then!
The flying swallows medallion center of the first
 is all hand pieced, a ufo, that was happily incuded in my first baby's quilt!
Both quilts are hand quilted.
Both remain in very good condition, being made of quilt shop fabrics.
Their second round of quilts haven't fared so well, I'm afraid.
 These two represent well my "machine pieced, hand-tied" phase of the 90s into the early 2000s!
They both are backed with a flannel sheet.
These were made for the boys' twin bunk beds and measure 59"x84".
These two quilts endured a lot more wear and tear than the previous two, but the (lower) quality of the fabrics did not help them at all, I'm sure!
Thank you for joining me in my little stroll down memory lane!
Time sure flies, and I am thankful both my boys are still home for now, and that they needed new quilts from their Mama!
Appropriately linking up my final finish this year with Crazy Mom Quilts Finish It Up Friday!


Miss Alissa said...

Aw, what a neat way to start and end the year! They are beautiful! Isn't fun to look back through your phases of quilting techniques or fabrics?!

Christine S said...

Agreed, a great start and finish! I love two color quilts, especially red and white :) It’s so fun to look back at quilts. I pulled one out of the dryer the other day that literally has batting hanging out several squares that are missing. My mom made it years ago and I can’t part with it’s comfy factor. Happy New Year Sarah!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Good thing you finished BOTH quilts in the SAME year!!! Wouldn't want one to think you love the other best. (Said with the authority of another mother of 2 boys!)

dq said...

I love your quilts featured out in the snow. They look wonderful out there!

I also loved seeing the scenery of the beautiful place you live in. I'm no city girl so I can relate.