Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Scrabble Squirrel!

I simply thought that one of these little Court House Steps blocks would make a cute back for my rather impromptu needlebook, for the #SunnyNeedlebookSAL over on IG!
But since they had been dismissed from their original purpose as a round on a still unfinished  Medallion quilt, They began to go together to be something else, in a very squirrel-like fashion!
It put me in mind of a beginner(me!) playing Scrabble! 
My late Mother-in-law would play with me at the lake. 
She was very good.
And so, as they usually do, this squirrel had it's way, binding and all!
Squirrel in a Tree:
"Scrabble" 20"x 23"

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 DrEAMI (Drop Everthing And Make It) feature! I love that!!!!


canuckquilter said...

Love your squirrel and its story. My grandmother was an intimidating Scrabble player. It was like she memorized the dictionary. I always think of her when I play now (and my scores don't even come close to hers!)

Laura said...

So glad you found a place for those cute little blocks!

Sandra Walker said...

I'm SO glad you linked this quintessential squirrel up with DrEAMi! Sarah! I enjoyed watching it 'take over' your sewing life on Instagram, and now seeing it quilted (perfect choice too btw) and in a tree (squeal) it's just the very best! My brother and I play scrabble online, WWF, one end of the country to another, practically, and I used to beat him pretty much all the time (not bragging but I'm pretty good) but he's gotten just as good over the years so now we're evenly matched. Such fun and good for the brain cells.

Preeti said...

This is the most fantastic squirrel I have seen in a very long time. Kudos to you for pursuing it - I love what you have come up with those tiny blocks!!!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

What a great way to use your little Court House Steps blocks! There are enough solids to let the blocks feature without becoming completely lost. Very clever!

Bernie Kringel said...

This is so cool Sarah. I love Scrabble and I love this quilt!

9658 Textiles said...

I am obsessing over these little log cabins! The colors really work!

Lovehimeheart said...

Goodd job