Thursday, May 16, 2019

Level Two Tote: Number 3!

My Number 3 Level Two Tote!
Pattern by Krista Hennebury of PoppyPrint!

I missed her birthday in March, the Q1 Finish-A-Long deadline, and Mother's Day, but I will be sending this tote to my Mom for a gathering with my sisters in June! She picked the Rifle Paper Co Amalfi canvas print from among many options I sent her! Great choice, Mom!
For the lining, I chose a coordinating print from Cotton and Steel, she likes blues...
...and tucked it in the zipper pocket, too!
I sourced my black leather locally, but if you look at other examples of this tote, you will find many alternate material options: cork fabric, waxed canvas, etc.
The handle straps were also local, but I just found another option at Tandy Leather online!

As usual, I cannot say enough good things about this pattern!
Krista does an excellent job with text and diagrams to walk even a beginning bag maker through the process! And in doing so, creates the most wonderful confidence, and sense of accomplishment!
Here are the other 2 totes I have made, both within the last 12 months!
This first one, I made for my sister, with fabric from a vest she sent me to use, for what she did not know, but she trusted me to come up with something! I LOVE this one! I used navy webbing for the handles, sewing them directly into the top of the bag.
This next one, I made just for on the outside, party on the inside!
I improvised a recessed zipper in the top of this to the rescue!

I just love that crazy Alison Glass Geometric print inside the cool Essex Yarn Dyed Aqua exterior!

 I buy all my metal pocket zippers at Hobby Lobby, for what that may be worth!

Thank you for indulging my Level Two Tote Recap!
I didn't start out with that in mind, but I just couldn't help showing them off again!
I imagine you will see all these again, next time I make one, for surely there will always be a next one!!!!
I have a couple more finishes to share, and some fun projects in the works, one of which involves these pretties from Paint Brush Studios Fabrics... please stay tuned!!!
Until then, Happy Sewing!

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Christine S said...

It turned out fantastic also!! She will love it :)
I’ve been loving the prints from Paintbrush lately!