Sunday, June 9, 2019

Pantone Quilt 2019!

So this happened, almost by accident!
Back in March, I was actually just sitting, looking out my window, intentionally  trying to NOT think quilty thoughts (don't ask me why, I do not know!)....
And my eyes wandered over to my minis...and my mind wandered to "what would be a perfect little mini, to me?"
Well, it might be...
include only favorite colors...
probably densely quilted.
So I sketched a little sketch.

 Hmm, off I went to my solids, and came out with these!

Before I knew it I was strip piecing and pressing...
 and cutting...
 and piecing it all back up again, just like that!

About then was when I remembered...Pantone!  Living Coral!
Pantone Color of the Year Quilt Challenge!
I have followed the Pantone Quilt Challenge year to year, and it has honestly never really crossed my mind to devote a quilt to the much as I have enjoyed seeing others' quilts!
So I wondered, was there a Mini Quilt category?
Why yes, yes there is! And you can read all about the categories, the judges and any other rules on the hosts blogs:
So now I was on a mission, for all my ineffectual non-quilting thoughts! Lol!
I picked a sweet backing and commenced matchstick quilting!
 I had originally thought I might bind it in the wonderful Fuchsia Peppered cotton, but really had no other option but to piece a binding to match!
Don't you agree?
So this is my entry, my first ever, into the Pantone Quilt Challenge 2019:
"Nuthin Fancy"
A Mini Quilt
11" x  22"
Fabrics are
 AGF Coral Reef
 Peppered Cotton Fuchsia
 a Waverly Gray
 and the teeny accent blue is Kona Sea Glass
Backing fabric is from the Wonder Full collection for Sweet Bee Designs.
Quilted using Coats and Clark...
So there she be! 
Nuthin Fancy, but really lots of fun!

Check out all the amazing progress photos of the Pantone Quilt Challenge on Instagram:
#pantonechallenge2019  #pantonequilt
The linkup for the finishes and entries is HERE!
Many thanks to Sarah and Rebecca for hosting and to the amazing judges and sponsors of this event!
So happy to be able to play along this go round!


Linda said...

It's darling! Yes, the matching binding is perfect, and that makes the backing a lovely surprise. I love the touch of Sea Glass. Great job!
I wish I was finished with mine! I'm just now making the blocks today. It will be a fight to the finish, but if I don't make the linkup, at least I'll have another quilt "almost" done. ;)

Stephanie said...

This is so great Sarah - minimalist can be hard to do well and you nailed it!!

Danice G said...

Really pretty mini quilt. I love your pattern and fabric choices.