Monday, December 2, 2013

November Highlights


 Is it December already? 

Well we've had a fine November!  We had a few guests, the boys got out and about, and some beautiful skies to go with it all.
one, two, switcheroo!  you would have to know em to realize they've "switched" (clothes, hats) funny boys!

on top of his world!

moon set
Ben turned 17!
the Judith Mountains
But the highest "highlight" came at the end of the month, when our friends from Indiana joined us for four days over Thanksgiving!

Terri, in orange :)

Enjoy the rest of this year!  It will be gone before we know it!


Carla said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely family with us, Sarah. We've got snow headed our way so it really will feel like the year is about over!

Gina said...

What a busy month for you with birthdays, Thanksgiving, and company!! I am sure December will fly by even faster!!