Thursday, June 26, 2014

On-A-Whim Wednesday!

It just seems to be the mode of operation lately!
 On a whim!
 Started Wednesday...
 Finished up this morning!
My first cushion cover...I made the pillow form too :)
Have you started anything on a whim, lately?

In other news, the latest relay of the Chicken Run is underway now through July 4th over on Peacock Hill!
Anne has some really cute hens in her coop...check em out!

Two finishes this week!!!  Are we allowed 2 links with CrazyMomQuilts? :)


Gina said...

the 3 HST's add a bit of whimsy to your cushion Sarah!! i can't believe it is the first cushion you have made. I really like the green stitching!

Janet said...

Your whim turned out quite lovely!!

Stitchified said...

It turned out great! Quick finishes can be so satisfying, can't they?