Saturday, July 5, 2014

June Highlights

We have officially welcomed Summer!
 With fishing
  a flower or two,
 and more fishing!
this is why we fish, really :)

 This happened one day. 
While having lunch with our Sheriff/fire-fighting friend, he was called away to a truck fire...
 And since we heard it was the UPS truck, which is driven by one of our favorite people out here, we followed him.
what was left of the UPS truck!
 We spent an hour or two, just lending "moral support" to Cal, who was unhurt, and grateful.

We began our building project of the Summer!
a straw bale shop
 Another sunrise
 Ring necked pheasant baby...before he could fly well :)
 29 years and still honeymoonin' ;)
 Another sunset...

 Did you know Montana has resident White Pelicans?
Ben was happy to catch this "squadron" as they flew toward FT. Peck lake

 Ye Olde Fishing Hole

 Probably the biggest, most anticipated event of the month was a long-range shooting get-together that was arranged between Hubs and the boys with about a half dozen online forum friends!
Hubs took this picture just for me :)
 A Weekend Camp set up...
 The boys timing each other on some close range "Cowboy Action" targets
Their equivalent of a "quilting retreat" :) 
The boys were in "their element" and had a great time with new "old" friends :)

Okay, another sunset! 
 Spending some weekends up at the big lake...

35" Northern Pike!
 Tug in need of mid-hike refreshment...
testing the water :)

mmmm, just right!

our yard is filled with Morning Glories...and I don't mind!
 Another sunrise :)

playing in the river
 The boys are taking up a new craft!
 leather work!
a pretty excellent first try at it!
A new little flock of "Says Phoebes"
 And the antlers continue to grow....

And don't forget, this was also the month of the Chicken Run Giveaway, I finished the Voyageur Quilt, the beginning of the Flowering Snowball Quilt-Along, and my very first cushion! 
Already more sewing than I anticipated for the busy, warm season!

Happy Summer!


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Those fish are amazing! Lots of good summer fun happening at your place - and a little quilting too. The boys' leatherwork look great.

Gina said...

June was a fun month! Your sons are such accomplished hunters and fisher's you must rarely need to go grocery shopping :). Their leatherwork looks pretty amazing and i would say they have a bright future ahead of them!!! The photo of the ol' fishing hole looks like a glorious place. Happy Anniversary!!!!!

Anonymous said...

What an assortment of photos! It looks like a wonderfully quiet yet vibrant place to live.