Tuesday, March 4, 2014

February Highlights

getting after Pete Puma!

frosty winter morning elk

always fabulous light

love from Mom!
yes, the home movies are epic...a compilation from my Uncle, mostly! ending with footage from my own wedding that I had never seen! (you can find the soap here and on my sidebar...it's very wonderful!)

big, fat, fluffy snowfall

another "radiant orchid" morning!

All that beautiful snow invariably results in something like this...not so pretty!

a "weather-ish" photo by one of the boys on an excursion of theirs

view from The Knoll...an obvious "highlight" :)
I will leave you with this...
a little fun on a windy day, featuring "Cap", Tug's brother

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Gina said...

fun monthly recap! how fun to see video footage that you have never seen!!!