Saturday, November 22, 2014

Something new...Q4 finish #3!

From my Q4 list...

Bag making 101, right here at Cedar Fork Stitches!
The raw materials:     Some scraps from my Weeds layer cake, some Kona scraps, osnaburg, and ultra suede in green(?)...

Or black?

I decided to go with the black ultrasuede...a substance entirely new to me, gifted some time ago by my brother-in-law.

Although I can visualize what it is I want in terms of size/dimensions...I needed a little help to know how to arrive at those dimensions, without experimenting with my limited project fabrics!

Has anyone else used an old *saved* chip bag as a "trial size" pattern?? 
The real question is, has anyone else saved an old chip bag, much less, boxed the corners on one :) 

Hehehe! Not to worry, no fabric scissors were harmed in the making of this plastic bag! :)

Here is what I had by the end of the afternoon...
I intended to keep binding on my "awesome" quilt after supper, but I couldn't turn away from the bag.
I was just too close....
I only had to redo the *twisted* strap once!
I included a pocket, and managed to get it on the correct side of the bag :)

I don't think it will look this "tidy" with stuff in it!
Nonetheless, pretty tickled with my first bag-making attempt :)
Kinda "preppy-tote-y", don't ya think? :)


Miss Alissa said...

Awesome! Bags are so fun :)

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

Great job. Using wha you have to experiment with size is a smart idea. I often work out projects by logic and tracing - it gives a good deal of satisfaction too.

Gina said...

Awesome bag!!! You are inventive and are so good at using the things you have on hand to get you where you want to go!!!

Shauna said...

So awesome! I love your bag!! So many you see, I don't really like and would probably never use. Yours, I would. Good job!

Carla said...

It is safe to say that I have never used, nor even thought of using, a chip bag to experiment with a pattern idea....but aren't you the clever one! I've actually seen totes made from dog food bags though, have you? I always wonder about the smell. LOL