Friday, January 8, 2016

First Week, First Finish!

What is it about the first week of January?
Snow falling, wood stacked up, wood stove panting, pencil scratching out lists and plans...the cutting mat out, ironing board up and sewing machine just a-humming!
We are talking rock star pattern (Modern Circle Pillow, by Alissa Haight-Carlton)!
...getting all the kinks out....
...full speed ahead....this all took place on the very first day of the year!
But when the arrival of my impetuous purchase of a Denyse Schmidt Modern Solids charm pack turned out to be a mini charm pack....well, it put a screeching halt to the pillow progress, and  let's just say it didn't sit around looking cute for very long! 
you know this is "fake" right? It was much tidier than this when it arrived ;)
Originally containing 75 mini charms...there are 18 missing from this little stack
As I laid out all the charms, enamored by their colors, only one quilt kept coming to mind... know the one....ahhhh....
Cool Waters
by the uber talented Jayne @ Twiggy & Opal
In the back of my mind I would probably have to admit that this quilt was, in fact, the real impetus behind that impromptu purchase! I have pretty seriously crushed on it since I first saw it!

But what was I to do with minis? about another "Reminder Mini", I wondered to myself? 
Oh yes, about one split second later the decision was made, then a little bit longer to figure the math for downsizing Jayne's charm pack shadow block tutorial.
When I first began picking charms and cutting 1" strips for the shadows and sashing, I was thinking "Cool Puddles" know, since it is smaller "waters"....but "puddles" doesn't sound very cool....
And well, Jayne I now present...
"Cool Jayne"
 my 2nd "reminder mini"

It came together so quickly, I can't even include it on my Q1 Finish Along list...because it is already finished! :)
It has 18 mini charms
is backed in this big wonderful "Falling Roses" by Tanya Whelan
bound in gray, and measures 14" x 21"
So, yay for the first week in January!
And for the first Finish It Up Friday of the new year!
truth: this hasn't landed permanently yet, it travels room to room with me...I can hardly bear to have it out of my sight!
I love it that much!
Thanks to Jayne for her super uber awesome "Cool Waters" to remake as a mini.
Cool Waters by Jayne


Beech Tree Lane Handmade said...

What a great little mini! And I love the modern circle pillow - never saw that pattern before.

Serina said...

I love the colours! They look so great, especially out in the sunlight. And a great lesson - when life gives you mini charm packs, makes minis, lol.

Katherine said...

Perfect! I too, fell in love with Jayne's fun design and really like your mini version. It's just gorgeous and shows off those minis wonderfully.

Jayne said...

Thank you...for the lovely 'shout out' Sarah! This is really amazing! I'm so excited that you were inspired by my Cool Waters version. Seriously, I'm going to make a mini just like this...It seems it may have been a good thing that you got those mini charms by mistake! So well done, so COOL!! Thank you Sarah!

Jen said...

Very cool little mini.... love your pics outside! Thanks for sharing....