Sunday, May 31, 2015

May Highlights

It has been a while since I have shared any highlights, so here are a few from May!
The sky is ever the highlight of every day :)

it always amazes me how far north the sun rises this time of year!

Nash, the wanderer, found much fresh, wild asparagus! 

Some sewing highlights that haven't quite made headlines lately:
My stash o' solids is slowly growing! Yay!
I am intentionally buying random 1/2 yds any time I get to the big city!

I've also pieced the central part of this quilt for my son, Ben! A thin border of red, then white to size yet to go!
A Moda Bake Shop recipe called Peaks and Paddocks
And I have added another round on the Scrappy Vortex! I considered just using black and white gingham, but think the scrappy black and white is what it called for! 
I want to make it longer yet...I may keep adding to the top and bottom with the black and white scraps. Any brilliant suggestions welcome :)

The last sewing highlight...sewww excited! I am finally using/making/doing leaders and enders!!!
only squares right now...multi sizes
In other news, I am happy to report that 2 pairs of Tree Swallows quickly scoped out and moved in to my bird houses! Yay! They are my favorite!
we always call them "Handsome" and "Beautiful" :)
And speaking of moving in, we have put our wilderness home on the market, and will be moving out,
yet this summer we hope! A bit more on that a little later :)
I don't know if you are able to see the barn quilt on the front, which has caused some to refer to ours as "the Sunflower House", which pleases me :)

 I went to the mountains with the guys, looking for bears....
and found an elk, with her brand new calf...
she is the tan spot just left of center...honest!
25 miles in that direction, over the mountains, is our grocery store...
 100 miles in that direction, is home!
See? I do get out of the yard!

I hope your season is off to a great start wherever you are!

Joining Lorna and friends at Let's Bee Social!


Anonymous said...

Wow - lots of everything going on with you! Your pictures are beautiful as always, but my favorite is that Scrappy Vortex - keep going!

Gina said...

beautiful photos as always Sarah!!! We live out of city limits but not quite to the wilderness :)

Michele said...

You've been bust! I like that you made the quilt border scrappy! It really looks great. Good luck selling your house :-) I hope it goes well!

Lara B. said...

It is so very beautiful where you live Sarah! All those wide open spaces must be food for the soul.
I really love your scrappy vortex - that black and white scrappy round is the best!
I need to train myself to think about leaders and enders too.