Saturday, December 26, 2015

The Flavor of 2015

It's here!
Best of 2015 Linky Party

In which we select 5 of our favorite or "top" blog posts of 2015!
I chose the following posts as representative in some way of Cedar Fork Stitches and the "flavor" if you will, of 2015!

the Cedar Fork :)
did you even know it was "a thing"? 

1.  Several Birds, One Stone....3January2015
In which I lay out my plan for a personal Block of the Month, my Simply Sawtooth!
Not only the first post of 2015, but also the first time I linked up with Lorna@Sew Fresh Quilts and Let's Bee Social!
This post definitely represents the predominant "flavor" of 2015, and the beginning of a whole new circle of quilty bloggy friends!

2.  Tuesday Tidbits...27January2015
Tuesday Tidbits has become a regular "feature" here at Cedar Fork Stitches in 2015. Begun, sporadically in 2014, it seems to have fit this year, in that there seemed to be plenty of tidbits between the "big finishes". Tuesday Tidbits has it's own label on the sidebar, woohoo!

3.  May Highlights...31May2015
Highlights is another semi-regular feature of mine. In these end-of-month posts I try to share some of where I am, who I'm with and a bit of what we might be doing, aside from sewing. In another, former, blog of mine, Zimmermans West, I shared family stuff from out here, with my family back in Indiana. Highlights is a bit of a continuation of that idea. And no, we haven't moved yet :)

4.  Prairie Rose Garden...23September2015
This is my favorite finish of 2015, hands down! It also happens to be a Moda Bake Shop recipe!  Not only am I still not "finished" with Prairie Rose, the design, I am also not finished with Tucker Prairie by 1Canoe2! I love this line and am so happy to have been able to use it with Prairie Rose, and to have enough left over to keep on using it! Both the block design and the fabric really sweetened my 2015!

5.  Trunk Show!...10November2015
The stupendous linky hosted by Soma, over at Whims and Fancies! This actually is the top post of 2015 in terms of number of comments! In fact, with 28 comments, it has received more comments than any other blog post I have ever shared! On any of my 3 blogs!!!

So what has my favorite flavor of 2015 been? 
Through Let's Bee Social, it's "regulars", and linkys I've learned of, predominantly through Sew Fresh Quilts, I have made many new blog friends, which seem to be the main gals I hang out with these days, since I live 50 miles from the nearest town...of 150!!!
Sew I thank you, friends, for stopping in, for saying "Hi"!
I always appreciate it and love to see what everyone else is up to!
Enjoy these last days of the year and those you get to spend them with!

(I will officially Link Up, when I get home in a couple days!!!)


The Cozy Pumpkin said...

I share your favoritism for the Prairie Rose Quilt. It's lovely!

Quilts By Laurel said...

Gorgeous quilts! I've added you to my reading list! :)

einfach bunt said...

Beautiful quilts!

Frédérique said...

Beautiful quilts!

Cheryl said...

Beautiful quilts! I love the flying geese one. Thanks for linking up!

Laney said...

I love your Prairie Rose Garden quilt. Beautiful colors and I love the simple quilting.

Lorna McMahon said...

You don't know how happy this post makes me.... Happy to finally know just what a Cedar Fork is. And happy to know that you have made many new friends through the Let's Bee Social. I love your quilting style and am so glad to have been able to get to know you this past year. Looking forward to seeing just what you will be creating in the new year, Sarah. Happy 2016!

Allison said...

The Prairie Rose Garden is such a beautiful quilt, and of course the fabric collection makes whatever you are working on even better - what a nice pattern and a nice feature to have!

Wishing you an even better 2016 and a good slide into the new year!

Lara B. said...

We share a lot of favorites here Sarah! Wasn't 2015 just wonderful for the friendships we made? It's been a true delight starting to know you better and seeing all the beauty you create!
And no - I didn't know the Cedar Fork was a real thing, LOL.