Saturday, January 18, 2014

Finish 1...Gingham Pinwheels!

This is a surprise! 
 All of a sudden, it's done! 
 As I was quilting my Honey Honey quilt, this sweet couple from Kentucky, who are expecting their first baby, kept coming to my mind.  Both sets of their parents are friends from our former church.  
After a fun, impromptu telephone conversation with the Momma-to-be's Momma, I was inspired to turn this little guy into a full-fledged baby quilt!

 Why not?!
I originally made this, wanting to play around with the "streamer" effect, but beyond that it was just a little nothing/something taped to my wall
I have a couple more ideas using these funny little half pinwheels.  They make me think of string piecing favorite.  They make me smile. I think I made them up myself... at least I've not seen them before!

 The nursery, I found out, is light green...hmm, the green gingham I just got for a different quilt...that works!
 It also just so happens, I had some light green fleece leftover from this quilt, for the back!
You can't see the "ditch stitchin" is in big zig-zags, all in one direction, a couple straight lines in the border.
I was feeling my lack of fmq ability on this one, big time!
I tied some happy yarn in each of the corners to add a little color.
I think it is sweet!

It finishes at 36" x 36"
The ginghams are a "rolie-polie" from Riley Blake
Pop this in the mail Tuesday, and it might just arrive before the baby does!

smuggled some polka dots in on the label :)

edited to add:
How is that for a perfect match?

this is my first finish for the Q1's my list


Carla said...

Yes, you definitely did make that up yourself!! Love it clever! What a delightful and thoughtful gift, of your many attributes: thoughtful gift giver!!

Gina said...

This quilt is just so sweet; perfect really!!! Great job Sarah!!

Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

What a great idea. The gingham works well and it came together beautifully into a baby quilt, suitable for a boy or girl.