Tuesday, October 14, 2014

I'm a Chef!

I am extremely pleased to be able to share with you
"Breezy Buntings",
my first

The idea for this pattern took shape around the same time as
"Chain Pieced Melody" .
Same basic units, different layout.

It was a thrill to actually submit this idea of pinwheels and buntings to the Moda Bake Shop!
And to have it accepted!! Yay!
And to not be able to share!! boo.
So bear with me as I recap a bit of what has been going on around here!

Random fabric choices don't come super easy for me, making Moda precuts of whole collections pretty irresistible to me!   
 I had originally envisioned this quilt in really bright colors, think Best.Day.Ever.
With a gray background, this would have been "Silver Lining Day" :)

But when I considered all the menfolk in my house, 
who patiently wait for a quilt in colors a bit more...subdued, 
Persimmon by Basic Grey caught my eye.
I fell in love with the variety of prints, the big leaves, the little wrens, those dotty diamonds, the several florals, the triangles, and even an ikat!  I've never used an ikat before! And the taupe, yum.
Speaking of yum, did I mention the delicious names in this collection? Roasted Marshmallow, Apple Cider, Ginger Snap, Marionberry Pie, Golden Delicious Tart, Blueberry Crumble....oh my!
Not to mention, there are more than a few low volume gems to be found in this collection!
And as you would expect, each of them was more fantabulous in real life!
My fabric choice turned out for the best, because what I had thought would be a Spring/Summer quilt turned thankfully into a Fall quilt!

So I stitched this up mostly in August!
it was fun to get out the Singer 99K for the piecing!
HSTs galore!
And just some more pictures, okay?

 Even with the saturated oranges, deep blues and warm golds, it is a quiet collection!
 Making it rather challenging to photograph!

My youngest has claimed this for his own! He loves the colors!

So there it is! My single biggest project for 2014! 
(not necessarily the most important, but the biggest, for me) 
So happy to finally share it!  
I hope you like it!
With many thanks to Moda Bake Shop, for letting me "play in their kitchen"!


Karen @ Pieces of Contentment said...

That's very exciting news Sarah - well baked! I had wondered about Persimmon too - it does look great, especially for household with a male dominance! So pleased to see it well loved already. Lots of HST and your quilting looks just right for this quilt.

Shannon @ Modern Tradition Quilts said...

Beautiful quilt project! I love it-especially your traingle borders--genius! Also congratulations on your Moda Bake Shop feature. I love working with them, don't you?

Gina said...

Chef Sarah, you are a fabulous cook!!! This is such a sweet layout and I love the fabric you used too! Huge Congrats on a job well done!!!!!!!!!!

blockMquilts said...

Well done, Sarah, this is a brillant recipe and a stunning quilt!

Carla said...

Wowie!! Your quilt is just lovely and I'm so excited for you. Congratulations and a big pat on the back...you have worked so hard to make this happen, Sarah!