Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Some April Highlights

I started writing this post so long ago it is ridiculous! 
Meanwhile most of the month has passed, and this has gone from a few random items to including highlights from April....enjoy!

These little notecards...because I could not bear to throw away the snippets from my Mom's little x's.
And another funny paper-block-thing-whatever-it-is, made out of my flour and sugar packaging...
Not really sure what I am doing with these, but they may end up in a kitchen...or in the woodstove, when all is said and done, no worries either way...it is kinda fun to mess around with  :)

I am steadily progressing on this simple 2-color Irish Chain, for my #2 son, Nash.
It made the list for the Q2 FAL, here!
Aaaaand the top is finished, waiting on backing and batting! Yay!

My brother in law has made a few trips to Indy....and Crimson Tate! Oh happy me!!
A little Lotta, Kaffe, Lizzy and Denyse..with a sprinkling of some fun Japanese prints :)

Turkey Season, I mean Spring, has arrived!

I love the complexity of turkey feathers! 
A general greening, with dandelions and some sweet wildflowers are what we get out here.
on my daily walk...when the roads are dry :)

Spring Bear Season also came in, so Hubs and the boys headed 400+ miles across the state, and enjoyed a few days here!!! It was gorgeous 80 degree weather...
 these, on the sign, were the only bears they saw.
Bass, at Trout Creek, MT :)
I think they all enjoyed the change of scenery!**

The day they returned, so did these sweethearts!
tree swallows!
This is the last sunset we have seen...it was Saturday, Passover! 
I have had some fun in the several rainy days since...but that will be for another post!

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**in case you might wonder, I stayed home because, well, someone has to feed the dogs! That is the sort version :) No worries, I travel plenty in this amazing state :)


Jennifer said...

Love your two color Irish Chain and all the pretty fabric. Great outdoor pictures too!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

You sound like you had a busy month. Thank you for the pics of where you live, it looks like a beautiful place. Isn't the internet wonderful when we can share this wonderful world.
Sending you smiles and hugs across the pod

Serena @ Sewgiving said...

Oh I'm in love with the two colour Irish chain!

Lorna McMahon said...

Lovely photos, Sarah. And your cards, quilt top, and paper blocks are all beautiful. Framed would be more suitable than ending up in the wood stove, in my opinion. I love them!

Allison said...

I think that paper and fabric snippits are always the best projects! Such fun cards!

As for your paper blocks, I think it would be fun to frame them... no, no, no... just not in the woodstove!

What a great BIL... I assume that he did not pick your fabrics? (it's a fun thought to entertain) My husband almost made a few ladies in a quilt shop faint, when I pointed to some fabric and he named the designer... the look on thier faces was pricelss!

Have fun cutting up all your new pretties and putting them back together again.